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Amazing Makeup Artist Who Makes Your Bridal Look Angelic

Date: 24 June 2016

Bride makers are the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow; Bride makers are here to cater to your needs, to look the best in front of the folks who come to bless you and in the photos which would speak volumes about your memorable wedding day in the years to come. Bride Makers understand the fact that each bride is unique and we cater to services that meet their style and make them look naturally beautiful without much effort.

Bride Makers has noticed a gap in the market for brides to be in need of a little extra help. Planning a wedding is already overwhelming, and every bride wants to feel their best on their wedding day. You may be pushed for time, and don’t want to think about scheduling beauty appointments on top of everything else. Perhaps your getting married in the area but are not from the area and don’t know what’s available to you nearby.

In addition to your makeup for your big day, Bride Makers can extend their service to include a ‘beauty plan’ to get you feeling groomed to perfection before the big day. Bride makers have a wealth of experience within the beauty industry and following a consultation can put together a plan for you to start ahead of the big day.

Here are some tips for bridal makeup

If you are considering doing your own bridal makeup, then there are a few key things you should keep in mind. You should practice several times before your actual wedding day. Research and look at various bridal makeup looks on the internet or in catalogues to get an idea about how you want to look. Obviously, your wedding day is very special and you will have plenty of photos to help you recall it; thus, you want to put your best foot forwards when applying your makeup.

With bridal makeup, there are one or two really essential guidelines you should follow. Contrary to popular thinking, bridal makeup does not need to be overstated. You do not need to take on pounds of extra makeup for "pictures". Extra makeup will only make you look like disaster and you do not want that for your wedding day. Your all round aim with your bridal makeup is to enhance your pure attractiveness while reducing your skin problems and flaws.

For brides that have a lot of imperfections and blemishes, you should use a heavy layer of cream foundation combined with a layer of powder foundation on top. The cream foundation will help smooth out your skin tone while the powder foundation will help your overall look not appear caked on and thick.

When you do your makeup, do not forget to expand further than your face. You should apply a consistent amount of foundation to your ears, neck and chest. This will help you avoid lines of demarcation. Be careful when you put on your wedding dress mainly because you do not want to get makeup on any section of your dress.