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How to make your eyes more attractive

Date: 16 July 2016

With green, purple, blue and yellow outfits you can a girl can wear third style of this art. As peacock is very beautiful bird and its stunning feathers like pattern gives you an outstanding look. For getting a moonlight touch take a small palate and add one shade of your choice, mix it with silver color and apply it on lid. Amazing liner style makes someone fashionable and attractive as well.

"First I use Fantastic Lash mascara on my top and bottom eyelashes. Then I put creamy white eyeliner on my lower lids. It makes my eyes pop!"

"Use a thickening and separating mascara — two in one — on your lashes without using eyeliner. It makes your eyes look bigger and brighter."

"When putting on eyeliner, don't line the top and only line half of the bottom — from the outside edge to the middle. It's amazing!"

"I curl my lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply minimal black mascara to my upper lashes--just enough to keep them curled, and then even less to my bottom lashes. Nothing else. The less makeup around my eyes, the more open and large they appear."

"I swipe moisturizer on my lids and just below my lower lash line. Besides making my eyes sparkle, it lets my makeup last longer!"

"I line my top lash line with brown/black eyeliner, and then I curl my lashes for 20 seconds. I brush on one layer of black mascara, let it dry, curl my lashes again and add on another layer of mascara. My eyes look huge!"

"I put eyeliner on my upper lids only."

"After I put on eye shadow, I use an angle brush to apply black eye shadow on my lash line. It really makes a difference!"

"I use waterproof mascara on the outside top lashes and shimmery ivory or white eye shadow on the inside angle (next to the tear gland) of my eye to open them up for anything and everything."